Lysle is a writer based in Sweden. He favors a slice of life approach to the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and his works always include social criticism and normalized casts—that is to say, a diverse array of characters reflecting a plurality of cultures and identities. While he’s certainly keen to rely on a bit of sci-fantasy magic to power energy guns or space station gravity; he’s not one to shy from research to get a good portrayal of the social side of worlds and people.

His current interests revolve around totalitarianism and equality, the interconnectivity of social dynamics in relation to ecology and economics, and the marginalization or empowerment of lower classes, people of color and queer people, as well as inter-community hatred and support. To fuel his questionings and reasonings, Lysle likes to watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, read scientific papers and official UNO, Interpol or FBI reports amongst others; and of course, listen to people talking about their realities.

Lysle lives in a countryside house with his partner and three cats. He likes photography and the surrounding nature provides him with inspiring opportunities. He also loves languages and studied French, English, Swedish, Spanish and Japanese, although he’s fluent only in the former three. At times, he makes up conlangs too.

His favorite books are those that took him through childhood. His favorite series include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for its universe and mixture of serious themes and humor, and Murdoch Mysteries for the marvelous consistency of its writing quality, pacing, humour, voicy characters, and a very intelligent approach of current social issues in a period setting.

WAYWARD SONS is the first volume of Lysle Enkelman’s series PROTECT OBEY ENDURE.
Genre: NA, LGBT sci-fi / slice of life, drama

WAYWARD SONS is targeted primarily to LGBT+ readers and women. Its cast counts multi-racial, queer, and special needs characters, the later two being Own Voices themes.

At 29, Melekor just wants to meet his missing father before taking his own life. He never imagined that his old man would turn out to be Nall Rokat, a famous public figure on Roukara, a totalitarian planet.
As the Rokats learn of Melekor’s existence, Nall’s legitimate son, Glain, is shocked to find that his father is willing to risk his career—and Glain’s—by acknowledging his halfbreed bastard.

While Glain sets off to space station Covenant 4 to get rid of his half-brother, Melekor is discovering facets of himself that his transphobic mother concealed from him. Melekor isn’t as male as he always thought. According to his love interest, Nilan, there’s nothing wrong with that, but Melekor himself isn’t so sure. Still, he sure feels pretty in a dress, and maybe there’s a place for a woman like him on Roukara.